Best Low Cost wines

Low in cost, but high in taste

By Clyde Holloway

For many people the chance to experience a great tasting wine makes people think of extremely high prices for rare vintages and wines from around the globe. With many wines being a potential minefield for choosing what is to your taste, you often have to weigh up the cost over the taste when it comes to making an informed choice as to hat wine to choose from. The range of wine on offer these days at your local supermarket or wine store is simply mind-boggling. With a selection on offer that is only limited to your imagination sometimes, it can be difficult to find a tasty wine at a low cost.

Choosing a wine will often depend on what meal you intend to eat with it, so for dark rich meats you may want to choose a red, Burgundy, or a Sauvignon to complement the rich textures and tastes associated with the darker meats, while for a lighter meal you may find that choosing a white, a sparkling wine or a ros‚ may be the best choice to compliment a light meal with a light wine that will not only add to the meal but also the entire dining experience

Budget wines can be a minefield when it comes to choosing a wine that will taste great. Many of the cheap wine manufacturers do their best to describe their taste, but as with many cheap wines you may find they are a little acidic or unpalatable and may often find that they can have a detriment to your meal or experience which may put you off wine for a while. But choosing a fine and tasty wine on a budget doesn't have to mean all experiences will be bad, as there are many wines from many, many regions across the world that offers a great taste with a relatively low price tag.

It is often important when buying wine, and especially when buying wine in bulk to make sure you set a reasonable budget for the type of wine you want to drink. With a lot of great tasting wines coming in at well under $20 you can be sure to find a great wine through recommendation and also the opportunity to taste some wines at your local wine store or indeed supermarket. With many budget wines, making sure you air the wine and pour the correct way can influence the overall quality in taste, as well as making sure you match your wine to your meal you can be sure that by complimenting a cheaper wine with the right food or snacks can pay off in the overall experience.

So for cheap and budget wines, make sure you have the opportunity to taste and test as many as possible. Stick to regions of the world such as South Africa, Californian, Australian and Portugal, and you will find that these regions offer some of the best tasting wines on a budget possible. No longer will you have to spend a fortune on specialize French wines and alcohol, and you will save yourself a fair bit by matching the wine to your meals and enjoying an overall enhanced experience with a budget wine.

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  • Rose Sanford
    Flushing, NY

    Rose wrote:

    I find there really isn't mush difference between the medium cost wine and the higher price stuff. Go with a good medium bottle and skip the snob appeal.

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